How to Make Your Home Looks Expensive with Few Pieces of Luxury Home Decor

Almost every dream of homeowner is having a cosy home that evoke the looks of fancy and luxury. No matter what your preference is—rustic, simple, urban modern, glamour, or whatever—you want your home to look classy. However, the dreams could be a little difficult to achieve when you only have budget for one or two fancy item. This might sound like a dream breaker, while in reality you can create a chic home with few pieces of high end brands. The key is building a solid base with a set of essential luxury home decor — the rest is creativity!

How to Make Your Home Looks Expensive with Few Pieces of Luxury Home Decor

Find One or Two Basic Luxury Home Decor

If you want the word ‘luxe’ popped up in the mind of anyone who enter your house, you need to incorporate high ends materials in your furnitures where you can. Think about materials that screams expensive; leather, golds, teak wood, marble, crystal, silver—anything that either shiny or antique. Find the one that match your personal style and buy just some luxury home decor in that material. A dark teakwood chest with marble top, for example, can be perfectly paired with half sized wall mirror.

Now, this is a solid base to establish grandeur design in your living room. Not every item in your house has to come with a price tag, so find accessories from more affordable places. You can just add a standing lamp with golden accent for continuity in one side of the table, a vase of roses in another side, and a stash of books in the centre. Give a little statue or book holder for decoration if you like—you can get it from chain store to thrift shop. Voila, now you have an overall fancy looking cabinet that’s enough for an entry way or living room corner. 

How to Make Your Home Looks Expensive with Few Pieces of Luxury Home Decor

This luxury home decor pairing can happen with other items, too. Think of glam up your entire living room with just a pair of chandelier and soft area rugs underneath. You can also work with a pair of high end sofas and coffee table and decorate it with more affordable blankets, vase, and rugs. Just think about the base that you can afford and build with. 

Invest on Standing/ Table Lamps for Balanced Lighting

Wanna know the key of making a room feel upscale? The key is on the lighting. Don’t rely on your overhead lighting. The light coming from central overhead lighting could come quite harsh or even too dimmed. Balance your lighting by spreading it out. Have a standing lamp or table lamp in the room to give a more welcoming ambience.

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A Large Print for Statement Art

How to Make Your Home Looks Expensive with Few Pieces of Luxury Home Decor

One pf the piece that will instantly lift the mood in the room is a frame of art. Know that keeping the art to just one to two pieces is important to create an illusion of lavish space. If you go for gallery, the space will look rather cluttered—it works for pure rustic and antique designs, though. You don’t really need a luxury piece of home decor for this, though. Just go for solid-coloured frame and a photo or painting that speaks meaning to you. Print it on 8×10 and hang it in a frame one size bigger to evoke the high-end feeling. 

A Piece of Luxury Home Decor in the Table

The table on living or dining room often become the centre of attention. Invest one or two piece of luxury home decor for your table to create stronger sumptuous design. You can play with a mirrored tray, tae statues in glass, silver, or any glossy colour, brass candlesticks, or a vase in matching theme. The key is having small candle on the table and let the light bounced around the reflective furnitures.