Komodo island Liveaboard Budget & Best Time To Sail

Komodo National Park encompasses three big islands, Komodo, Rinca, and Padar, and smaller islands (1,800 km2). The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was created to protect the Komodo Dragon and its natural habitat. The Komodo National Park conservation area protects a variety of different terrestrial species. Komodo is now well known for having one of the world’s most diverse marine habitats. Most tourists, choose the Komodo island liveaboard with various considerations.

Komodo island Liveaboard Budget & Best Time To Sail

Komodo island liveaboard budget

You could assume that affordable and komodo island liveaboard budget don’t fit in the same sentence. The Komodo sailing is best known for its manta ray scuba diving. A liveaboard is an ideal method to dive into the top places in Komodo. Many choices of boats to determine your Komodo liveaboard budget. And there are options that you can take to determine the type of your Komodo dragon trip.

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If your budget is limited, an open trip can be the right choice. Open trip means you will join other people with a budget-sharing system. The available cabins are usually sharing cabins. Pemilihan kapal tergantung budget anda. For standard boats, the facilities you get are no private cabins, with or without air conditioning with basic amenities.

Komodo liveaboard with comfortable facilities requires you to spend a fairly high budget. This means you have to take a private tour of small groups. There are many choices of Komodo liveaboards with a capacity of 2-12 passengers. It is possible to sleep on deck! This is clearly a choice for the low-maintenance traveler who is eager to experience the ocean boat vibe.

Best time visit Komodo island

If you’re traveling with the goal of seeing the animals, you should know that certain seasons. The rainy season in Indonesia lasts from April to June. You can enjoy the lush greenery and blooming leaves. You can swim in the calm and crystal clear waters at Komodo beach.

September to November is ideal and a great time to dive in Komodo! Manta rays, marine turtles, neon fish, and whale sharks are among the highlights.

August is a busy time. It’s best to book accommodation in advance. There’s never a bad time to visit the fantastic island of Komodo it’s worth knowing what to expect at any given time.