Learn More Common Injuries From Hiking

Hiking is great activity to relieve some stress because being close to the nature do wonder to your body and mind. However, outdoor recreation such as trekking, climbing, including hiking entails risks. It is highly possible to get injured even if you are already careful enough. There are many factors that can put your safety at risk during hiking such as bad weather, remote locations, and unexpected dangerous situations. 

Learn More Common Injuries From Hiking

How to prevent and handle hiking injuries

It is important to do standard precaution before taking outdoor recreation like hiking. Packing proper essentials and the right equipment is a must to avoid injuries. Even if you get injured, those essentials will help prevent from severe injuries. Here are most common hiking injuries and how to overcome them:

Muscle cramps

Muscle cramping may not be life-threatening but bring absolute discomfort to pain. You cannot continue your hike if your muscle cramps still there. The most common factors causing muscle cramps is dehydration. Thus, prevent it by drinking plenty of water. It is also important to warm-up before hiking and do some stretching. If you experience muscle cramps during hiking, take a break and stretch your muscle. Refuel your body by drinking water. Apply muscle cramp reliever cream to the affected area. 

Sprained or twisted ankles

Learn More Common Injuries From Hiking

Sprained or twisted ankles is also highly possible to happen during hiking. The activity requires you to walk through various kind of trails. Sometimes, the trails are dangerous and contain various hazards. Make sure to wear proper footwear for hiking. Carry stabilizer that can help balance your steps. If it still happens, take a break and asses your ankle. If it swells, take a proper rest before continuing your journey. Make ankle brace to secure your foot properly and prevent from further injury. 

Extreme fatigue or exhaustion

Extreme fatigue or exhaustion is also common during hiking since it is considered strenuous outdoor activity. It strains your body at some level. The most common causes of severe exhaustion or fatigue is lack of nutrition and dehydration. To prevent it, drink plenty of water and have some snacks (granola bars, candies, fruits, etc) to keep you energized and hydrated. If it still happens, take a longer break before continue.

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Learn More Common Injuries From Hiking

Sunburn may be considered as common injury fro any type of outdoor activities including hiking. It can make you restless during your sleep due to the discomforts. Wear proper outfit for hiking. Also, make sure to apply sunblock or sunscreen thoroughly over your body. Reapply it every two hours. If you forget all those precautions and experience severe sunburn, apply gel or cream containing Aloe Vera. It has soothing effect. 

Bug bites

Other most common injuries may happen during hiking are bug bites and blisters. Those bring discomfort and can go severe without proper treatment. Apply athletic tape and keep your feet dry to prevent from blisters. Apply bug or insect repellent before hiking. If you still experience blisters, apply antibiotic ointment, utilize a band-aid then layer it with athletic tape. If you still have bug bites on your skin, apply calamine lotion to reduce the discomforts.