What to Do in Cendrawasih Bay

Cendrawasih Bay

Let’s start with West Papua and should be on everyone’s bucket list. Papua is known as an area with rich natural resources and a pristine paradise. One of the best holiday destinations is the Raja Ampat. However, many fantastic holiday destinations are just as incredible. One of the significant areas you can find in Papua is the Cendrawasih Bay. This large Bay has many beautiful islands with some of the last remaining pristine reefs in the world, dramatic karst cliffs, white-sand beaches, and swaying palm trees. It is best to have a combination of rich experiences and hidden gems. Let’s get going with the complete list of things to do in this big Bay.

Island hopping

Cendrawasih Bay has many beautiful islands. You can hop from one beautiful island to another, so long as they are all nearby. As the Bay is massive, you probably need a long time to explore all of the islands inside it.  With the abundance of deserted white sand beaches spread across a string of these beautiful islands in this sparsely populated area, a cruise could set up a beach party on a different island.

Whaleshark interactions

This Bay is the perfect spot for those interested in marveling at the giant extant fish species on the earth, the whale shark.  Moreover, you can day frolicking with these whale sharks at almost any time around the year, except for a few days surrounding the full moon. The sharks actively gather below the fishing platform.   The feeling of swimming next to these massive fish is an awe-inspiring experience and should be on the top of any travel enthusiasts’ bucket list.

Cendrawasih Bay

Explore remnants of World War Two

The northern edge of this Bay has the island of Biak. The island of Biak was a Japanese stronghold and was continually bombed by the Americans to force them to surrender the vital air base. It is home to a selection of wrecks that are accessible to divers. A World war two relic that is now home to colorful fish. Green turtles, hawksbill barracuda, and surgeonfish all live in the area.

Visit traditional villages in Cendrawasih Bay

With a population numbering around 20.00 people, this Bay is mainly untouched by the human population. One of the best traditional villages to visit is Roon Island; it is home to the oldest Christian church, which has the Bible published in 1898. In other words, Roon island boasts a remarkable array of exotic adventures.

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Find the legendary birds of Cendrawasih Bay

Take a short hike through mangroves forest in search of the exquisite bird of paradise. Along with the Birds of Paradise, over 300 species of rare and beautiful birds such as Hornbills, Cassowaries, Crested Pigeons are also found here.